I am a club DJ / VJ and have been living the dream for over almost 30 Years now.

I have worked in many different nightclubs, mainly within the South and East of England but have also been known to work at various locations around the UK and also in certain international venues.

Over the years I have played at many types of Club night, Over 30’s, Over 21’s, Under 18’s, Rock/Indie Nights, Party Nights, Retro style nights and even Lap dancing nights (they are hard work!)

The style of music that I will play in the venues can change to suit the night as I have a vast collection of music and videos gathered over the years (Thank god for serato!)

Over the last 15 years I have also worked in the field of radio as a Radio station manager, Program Controller, Presenter and a co-presenter on stations such as Safe Radio, Active FM, Soul City FM, Essex Radio, and Phoenix FM

My radio carear started out pretty much like everybody else’s on Hospital Radio on a station called SEHB based at Basildon Hospital

In whatever spare time I get, you will usually find me locked away in my studio, producing mixes for Music Factory Mastermix and various other radio and nightclub clients.


Latest Update: Feb 29, 2016